How it works

After the supplier decides to join the Seldat Direct platform, our sales and IT team will work with the supplier to compile a style master that will be used to upload the product details to our platform.
Seldat Direct will then collect product samples that will be professionally photographed using a unique 360 degree technology. These images will appear on the front end of the platform where the retailers will place their orders.
Once the product goes live, our Seldat Direct Sales team will utilize our platform to sell the suppliers product and take the product orders from the retailer. These orders are sent to the supplier, in real time thru the Supplier Portal, and paid for by Seldat Direct, prior to shipment by the supplier. The supplier ships the orders to Seldat Direct and Seldat Direct ships the orders to the retailer.


  • No cost to the Seldat Direct supplier to participate
  • No credit or inventory risk to the supplier
  • Improves supplier inventory turns and cash flow
  • Suppliers can now reach untapped markets
  • Suppliers can now sell ONE to account to reach multiple retailers
  • Suppliers now have an outlet to move unwanted inventory quickly, efficiently and more profitably
  • Seldat Direct Sales Team becomes suppliers Sales Team

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