About Seldat Direct

Seldat Direct is a brand new, premier online platform for international wholesale trade. Buoyed by a large team of professionals working both, around the world and around the clock to give our customer excellent choices and service. We’re the finest option for a diverse array of products, from apparel to electronics to toys to jewelry. Our convenient website allows for quick and efficient searching, getting orders, picked, packed and shipped, as quickly as possible.

Our mission is to make for the easiest, most rewarding wholesale transactions possible worldwide. Seldat Direct offers suppliers the tools to reach an audience with a critical need, and allows buyers to find the exact supplier that suits them. With our wide variety of products, Seldat Direct can fit any buyer and seller in any country. The number of countries and companies we work with is growing every day, so the sky’s the limit.

We value the customer first and foremost. It’s why we provide such a wide selection – we want to continue innovating and remain on the cutting edge of sales.